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Saturday, February 19, 2011

No Cost Budget Plan Could Save Federal Government $50 Billion/yr & Avoid Shutdown, Could Stop the Attack on Employee Benefits in Wis & other states

No Cost plan to solve state & federal budget deficit will also Greatly Reduce Pollution, Reduce America's Dependence on Oil, Reduce Offshore Drilling & Reduce overhead costs for gov & business:

The next big thing in government - using tech to save the budget. Wisconsin, other states and Congress could use this simple plan to cut back on cost of office space instead of furloughs and shutdowns and large pay cuts.

We can no longer afford to let all white-collar workers that still have jobs work banker's hours when we can work two shifts per day in government and private industry and cut our overhead costs in half. This simple paradigm shifts solves three problems: It jumpstarts economy and fights poverty, cuts pollution, reduces budget deficits.
Most office space is very expensive yet white collar workers only us it 40 hours per week even though we pay for 168 hours per month (7 days times 24 hours). Office space costs up to $50,000 per year for each employee yet we only use space 30% of time. 30% efficiency is completely unacceptable in today's economic and ecological environment. This could be one answer to the health care mess, global warming which actually should be called over-pollution, unemployment, empty buildings and state budget shortfalls. In Wisconsin this plan could save at least $10,000 per employee times 175,000 state employees. The would add up to almost $2 billion per year. With over 2 million employees, the federal government could save over $20 billon per year with very little up from costs.